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Bio Waste Solutions offers Compliant, Reliable, & Low-Cost solutions for Bio-Medical Waste Management throughout the entire State of Florida

E-Waste Recovery

We now offer Document Shredding Services that ensure compliant destruction and disposal of all information sensitive documents that need destruction.

Pharmaceutical Waste Program

We understand the importance of proper disposal of pharmaceuticles. Improper disposal not only violates State and Federal regulations, but can have a catastrophic impact for our environment and children.

No Hidden Cost - Affordable Pricing

You'll always know exactly what you are paying with Bio Waste Solutions. We are 100% compliant, offer flat-rate pricing and never have hidden fees or fuel charges.

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Bio Waste Solutions, Inc. - Florida Medical Waste Transporter

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What we do?

With Bio Waste Solutions, Inc., you can count on the best possible medical waste disposal service at the lowest prices. We will also be happy to provide you with friendly and professional advice for all your biomedical waste needs. We proudly serve all of Florida, including the Orlando and Tampa metro areas. BioWaste Solutions, Inc. is one of the fastest growing medical waste disposal companies in Florida.

Why choose us?

  • Over 20 years of Waste Management experience

    Bio-Waste Solutions, management team has been engaged in the field of bio-medical waste management since 1994, our track record of service,consist of Air-Force Medical Facilities, State Health Departments, State Prisons, County School Facilities, Department of Homeland Security-USDA, State Department of Agriculture, Cruise Line Industry,and numerous medical facilities ranging from Nursing Homes, Surgery Centers, Doctors Offices, Walk-In Clinics, Laboratories.

  • Licensed & Insured

    ✔ State Department of Health: #7526

    ✔ Polk County License: # P09000072065

    ✔ City License: # 120809

    ✔ General Liability Insurance: $100,000,000

  • Flexible Options

    ✔ Locally Owned and Operated

    ✔ No Contract Services Available

    ✔ Over 20 years Experience

    ✔ Daily, Weekly Routes

    ✔ PRN (on demand) Pick Up

    ✔ Credit Cards Accepted


Be compliant with Florida Med-Waste Disposal

Bio Waste Solutions specializes in the proper disposal biohazard waste, which includes medical waste and sharps disposal.


Our services work for you!

Our affordable waste removal plans are tailored to your facility's medical waste disposal needs. We have a dedicated and experienced team that your company can rely on for all aspects of your medical waste disposal needs. We are a fully permitted and insured medical waste disposal company.

Because the health department requires special handling of medical waste, we follow the Center for Disease Control and OSHA guidelines for medical waste disposal.


Who We Service

Bio Waste Solutions provides biohazard waste management to the following:

  • Hospitals

  • Labratories

  • Clinics & Dialysis

  • Dentists

  • Surgery Centers

  • Veterinarians

  • Medical Offices

  • Emergency Services

  • Nursing Homes

Do you need Document Shredding Services?

Document destruction is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect your own privacy and the privacy of those you care about. Bio Waste Solutions provides off-site certified document shredding services throughout the entire State of Florida.

About this service

Bio Waste Solutions is your one stop for document shredding services. Whether it is your personal, corporate, domestic, commercial or other form of documents, our off-site document destruction service will provide you with fast, cost-effective, professional, environmental friendly shredding and disposal service. Our goal is to guarantee identity protection for you, your company or your clients. Every paper we shred is recycled in an effort to conserve and protect the environment.

Commercial or Residential Clients

Our drivers are courteous, professional and are all drug-screened before employment. NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) CERTIFIED for on-site and off-site document destruction. There are no jobs that are too big or too small for our document destruction company. We travel throughout Florida to help people with their document security. Our goal is to assist you with your document security needs, no matter what they might be.

Types of Document Shredding

• Credit Information
• Tax & Medical Records
• Printing Overruns
• Outdated Marking Material
• Bank Account & Payroll Information

• Lease Agreements & Contracts
• Old Invoices & Accounting Forms
• Letterhead & Inter-Office Forms
• Proprietary Business Documents
• Past Employee Records

The Most Simple Way to save money

Bio Waste Solutions Inc. takes pride in our work and would love the opportunity to give you a FREE estimate for all of your biohazard transport and document shredding needs.

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